Our team of professionals will solve your queries in depth free of charge to evaluate your hair and any questions before your appointment.

How much does a non-surgical hair replacement system cost for men and women?

Our prices start from only $ 5,900.00 pesos and within this package you will receive a Custom Hair System, Free Consultation, Template, Design, Adjustment and complete Training.

What is the average lifespan of the hair replacement system? And how often do I need to replace it?

We expect all of our systems to last up to one year while maintaining their natural appearance. For first-time users of the system, we advise a follow-up procedure after the first six months to maintain customer satisfaction.

How long do you expect the hair system to stay on my head?

Depending on the person, your hair system will stay on your head for up to 3 to 4 weeks at a time.

Will I be able to swim, shower, sleep or exercise with my hair system?

Not only can you swim, shower, sleep and exercise with the system on, we guarantee that the system will last through all climates, including hot and humid environments.

How long does it take to get my hair replacement system?

After your initial consultation and template adjustment, we expect our handmade and custom-made systems to return to us within 4 weeks of completion. Please note that times will vary depending on your system.

We also have immediate delivery stock for those who do not want to wait for custom units. We have a large stock of all hair tones so you never go without a system unless you like to wait for custom pieces.

Is it difficult to maintain a hair replacement system? And can I comb it?

Caring for a hair system is no more difficult than caring for your own hair. The rules are pretty much the same, the only difference is that you need to be a little more careful with your system and make sure our experts have shown you how to properly maintain it and shared the care guide.

What is the best way to clean the hair system?

The process involved is very easy, and we will explain the entire process to you during your fitting.

Do you suffer from sensitive skin? Will my hair systems irritate my current condition?

Our systems are designed to accommodate and retain problems that occur like sensitive skin allergies. In addition, we will evaluate the extent of your skin during the consultation to create a system that does not cause any problems.

Does the hair itch?

Modern hair systems are made to be lightweight and comfortable. The days of itchy systems are long gone. A well-fitting and well-ventilated cap will ensure that you hardly notice the system on your head.

How easy is it for the hair system to fall out?

A properly bonded hair system will stay on your head for weeks. It will support all your daily activities, like going to the gym, swimming, and walking through a gale.

Will a hair system damage my scalp and increase hair loss?

If the hair system is kept clean and well maintained, it will not damage the scalp or existing hair. In fact, the system will offer a level of protection against the sun and will protect your sensitive scalp from the elements.

What materials are used to create my hair system?

All of our custom handmade systems are produced using hair donors and foundation bases compatible with your scalp.

What hair replacements do you offer? Do you create Premium Plus and Elite hair systems? And what is the difference?

We have available the following Eurounit Durafree, Luxury Lace and Super Natura Injection models, our Premium hair systems which are tailor made and fully customized to your exact requirements, are made from the best materials with all cuticle and handcrafted hair, and are only available through a private consultation.

What is the difference between a European and Asian hair replacement system for men and women?

There are no differences between Asian men, women and European systems except hair color, texture and to some degree silkiness of hair, Asian hair is darker color.

Do you offer customizations for your systems, such as hairstyles, highlights, colors, and densities?

All of our bespoke hair systems can be styled and created to your own preferences, such as styles, highlights, colors, or densities.

What is the difference between human and synthetic hair?

Human hair is exactly what you suggest, it’s “just like yours”, it’s easy to maintain, and it looks completely natural. While synthetic hair is mass produced and made from materials other than human hair which ends up giving a fake appearance.

If I want to have curl in my hair system, is that possible?

If you provide a sample of hair that is 1½ inches long, it will be enough for our technicians to match the wave or curl exactly from the sample.

Which is better tape or adhesive to join the capillary systems?

They both work extremely well and it really depends on the customer’s choice. Things to consider are, how oily is your scalp and, of course, your lifestyle. Our tapes and adhesives are medical grade and perform successfully.

Will hair take up the birth in the same way as hair growth?

Our hair systems will not only give a natural-born appearance but the color and texture will be the same as the rest of the client’s hair.

What is the best way to have a free consultation?

There are many options when deciding to make a free consultation with us, through our website in the reservations section or by phone. For further assistance, please contact us.

Will I be able to straighten or dry my hair system?

Your hair system will likely have a temperature limit, but as long as you are careful and stay within this limit, you can style your hair with heated appliances in the same way that you would with real hair.